MVO—Corporate Social Responsibility

We desire to strike a balance between efficiency and social interest.

QUERKO initiates and implements corporate social responsibility activities in our group that are multi-faceted and are present in all areas of our business.

We engage in socially responsible activities not only because of the "need of the heart," but also because of our desire to strike a balance between efficiency and social interest.

We at QUERKO invest in social responsibility in four areas: Society, Staff, Environment, Market.


We are confident that every successful company is committed to using its resources, expertise, and experience in a way that positively impacts Nature and people. Through the use of modern technology and partnerships with the public sector, entrepreneurs, and social organizations, we seek to create opportunities for people to learn and acquire new skills, to contribute to economic development, and to serve the public good. The initiatives we undertake in this direction are strategic and long term, as only such actions can bring real change.


A socially responsible company is one that takes into account the interests of many stakeholder groups, engaging in activities for the community in which it works—ecology, education, and philanthropy. There is another key group that must not be forgotten: the staff. The implemented strategy of social responsibility creates an environment within the company that people want to work in and can feel good about. Joint actions, especially for a noble goal (such as GREEN QUERKO), bring the team together and make us take responsibility, not only for each other at work but also for the community in which we live.


One of the key stakeholders in most businesses is the natural environment, called “the silent stakeholder” because its interests must be represented by others. For QUERKO this is the main part of the mission of the company. It is commonly agreed that the basic "expectations" of the environment are that businesses reduce their negative impact by reducing resource use and waste generation and act to protect ecosystems.

We use and propagate the 3R concept (reduce, reuse, recycle)—a tool to minimize negative impacts on the environment—and sustainable waste management. We use Life Cycle Assessments (LCA), a quantitative measure of the environmental impact of a product across a wide perspective throughout its life cycle. Next is Sustainable Supply Chain Management (SSCM), that is, the economic, social, and environmental management of the supply chain throughout the product life cycle to create, protect, and sustain economic, social, and environmental value for all stakeholders involved. It concerns everyone, but mainly suppliers of building materials used by us.


Deepening customer satisfaction by offering quality service is one of the key principles behind QUERKO. When designing our services, we conduct assessments to ensure the safety of our customers and the environment.

We respect the principles of fair competition and act in accordance with the rules governing competition in a given market. Our group has never engaged in illegal arrangements between competitors such as price collusion, division of territories, or distribution of clients, nor other prohibited practices such as illegal exchange of information.

Our main MVO activities


Elephants are unable to defend themselves against humans or speak to us on their own behalf, so they need as many people, companies, and organizations like QUERKO / GREEN QUERKO as possible to be their voice.

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At QUERKO / GREEN QUERKO we engage in meditation practices. The reason we want to grow in this direction is our belief in humans.

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Vegan Kitchen

Our Vegan Kitchen project is by no means aimed at inducing or trying to force people to do as we do; the idea is mainly to present to everyone who might be interested the rich variety that this way of eating offers.

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Rogier van der Heijden

Querko heeft bij ons een dakopgang en groot dakterras (70m2) gerealiseerd. Ik ben zeer tevreden over hoe alles verlopen is. We zijn altijd goed op de hoogte gehouden van vorderingen en verwachtingen. We zijn betrokken bij de keuzes die gedurende het project nog gemaakt moesten worden. En misschien wel het belangrijkste; een probleempje dat nog na de oplevering aan het licht kwam, is zonder discussie of wat dan ook, zeer netjes opgelost. Ik zou Querko hier om zeker aanraden.

Carrie Ballard

Working with QUERKO was a positive experience. The organization is set up to make a difference in the world via its work—not just sustainable and ecologically advanced buildings, but positive impact on people, wildlife, and planet. Their founding mission carries over to their business relationships. The manager I worked with was kind, professional, committed, and fair. I could not have asked for a better working relationship—if you can work with them, do it. You will not regret it!