We believe in humans!

At QUERKO / GREEN QUERKO we engage in meditation practices. The reason we want to grow in this direction is our belief in humans. Any intention to save and preserve Nature cannot be undertaken without the help of people; it will not be easy to accomplish, and it can often prove to be unfeasible. It is in us all to hope for a better tomorrow. There is in us dormant power and deeply hidden natural beauty. Meditation is one way to reach our authentic, beautiful "I," whose discovery is the first step in the transformation of the world. To restore balance on Earth, to a better life, to reconciliation with Nature.

Every person has tremendous power to change the world. There is also deep hidden wisdom, the gift of compassion, the need for balance, and a sense of unity. Each of us is beautiful, but sadly not everyone knows that.

You will not hear any of us at QUERKO / GREEN QUERKO telling anyone what to do to reach their inner strength. If you work for us, cooperate with us, or just help us, we will not push you to meditate, promising that this is the way to go. Likewise, in case you decide that you want to take part in workshops organized by us and after a few sessions you decide it's not for you, none of us will try to convince you otherwise.

We understand the need for meditation as a tool to be closer to ourselves.

In fact, with all of us constantly on the run, we at QUERKO / GREEN QUERKO understand the need for meditation as a tool, so that, if only for a few minutes a day, we can be closer to ourselves. The answer to the questions we raise about ourselves and about the whole world around us, whether you believe it or not, is within each of us. But to hear it, we must first learn to listen.

This is the individual way for each of us, and the decision about what you will do with your life is only yours.

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Elephants are unable to defend themselves against humans or speak to us on their own behalf, so they need as many people, companies, and organizations like QUERKO / GREEN QUERKO as possible to be their voice.

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Vegan Kitchen

Our Vegan Kitchen project is by no means aimed at inducing or trying to force people to do as we do; the idea is mainly to present to everyone who might be interested the rich variety that this way of eating offers.

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Rogier van der Heijden

Querko heeft bij ons een dakopgang en groot dakterras (70m2) gerealiseerd. Ik ben zeer tevreden over hoe alles verlopen is. We zijn altijd goed op de hoogte gehouden van vorderingen en verwachtingen. We zijn betrokken bij de keuzes die gedurende het project nog gemaakt moesten worden. En misschien wel het belangrijkste; een probleempje dat nog na de oplevering aan het licht kwam, is zonder discussie of wat dan ook, zeer netjes opgelost. Ik zou Querko hier om zeker aanraden.

Carrie Ballard

Working with QUERKO was a positive experience. The organization is set up to make a difference in the world via its work—not just sustainable and ecologically advanced buildings, but positive impact on people, wildlife, and planet. Their founding mission carries over to their business relationships. The manager I worked with was kind, professional, committed, and fair. I could not have asked for a better working relationship—if you can work with them, do it. You will not regret it!