The output of the sun in one day is enough energy for humanity‘s needs for a year.

Humankind has long been trying to use alternative sources of energy. Of the available sources currently practical—wind, water, biomass, thermal, and solar—only the last one has practically unlimited potential. Solar energy reaches the Earth's surface as an electromagnetic wave with an average power of about 600 watts per square meter.

A photovoltaic revolution has begun that makes it possible to exploit this enormous potential for ecological as well as economic reasons. Photovoltaic technology makes it possible to convert solar energy into electricity, thus allowing everyone to produce electricity and often make money doing it. And the price of producing solar energy has fallen dramatically in the past two or three years.

If you are interested in protecting the environment by producing truly "green energy," becoming independent of suppliers of energy (not always "green"), or earning extra money by producing it yourself, QUERKO will take care of you throughout the investment process from design to installation.

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Rogier van der Heijden

Querko heeft bij ons een dakopgang en groot dakterras (70m2) gerealiseerd. Ik ben zeer tevreden over hoe alles verlopen is. We zijn altijd goed op de hoogte gehouden van vorderingen en verwachtingen. We zijn betrokken bij de keuzes die gedurende het project nog gemaakt moesten worden. En misschien wel het belangrijkste; een probleempje dat nog na de oplevering aan het licht kwam, is zonder discussie of wat dan ook, zeer netjes opgelost. Ik zou Querko hier om zeker aanraden.

Carrie Ballard

Working with QUERKO was a positive experience. The organization is set up to make a difference in the world via its work—not just sustainable and ecologically advanced buildings, but positive impact on people, wildlife, and planet. Their founding mission carries over to their business relationships. The manager I worked with was kind, professional, committed, and fair. I could not have asked for a better working relationship—if you can work with them, do it. You will not regret it!